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Petit Crenn gives a new meaning to “Soul Food”

Petit Crenn gives a new meaning to “Soul Food”

“My signature is serving memories.”

-Dominique Crenn

I first heard of Dominique Crenn while watching the Netflix original series, Chef’s Table. I loved each an every one of the chefs’ stories featured in this romantic series, but you could say the nostalgic essence and recollective soul of Dominique’s story truly inspired me to create Cozy. She inspired me to dive into a world of memory and comfort through food.


Though famous for her two-Michelin-Starred-restaurant, Atelier Crenn, it was actually her restaurant inspired by her home and family that caught my attention. Petit Crenn serves what I like to call “French Soul Food” because of where the vision comes from. The dishes are inspired by her grandmother, mother, and Brittany (the coastal region in France she calls home).


The interior is elegant, simple, and pristine with out feeling sterile.  And the booths are lined with fluffy pillows waiting for a guest to cozy up to them. The food is classic French with subtle modern twists and also takes on that local California cooking through the ingredients utilized in the dishes.

Not quite able to swing the dinner menu in my budget, we stopped by for a lunch so cozy and delicious I didn’t want to leave.

Though I have never met Dominique Crenn (and someday hope to), it is evident through her food and establishments, that nostalgia and soul play an important part in her cooking and connecting with her diners. I am no restaurant critique, nor am I trying to be one. But this establishment has so much heart poured over every detail it makes for a truly personal experience – an essence I’d like to strive for as Cozy makes it’s way in the world of food and dining.

Merci Dominique, for sharing your memories with us! 

2016 Petit Crenn Rosé, Rootdown Cellars, Mourvèdre, Amador 2014 Dom. de Saint-Just, Les Perrières, Chenin Blanc, Saumur
Gougères Gruyère cream, Pickled Shallot Gel
Petit Crenn Omelette Fines Herbes, Creme Fraiche
Mushroom Tartine Wild Mushroom, Espelette Aioli, House Pickles
Paris-Brest Praline Mousse, Orange Caramel, Candied Hazelnut
Strawberry Rhubarb Jellies

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