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Cozy Essentials Part 2: Lighting

Cozy Essentials Part 2: Lighting

Light – it’s a magical element in so many ways. Before electricity (the discovery of fire even), we had no control of light. We were only able to see when the sun was shining and in the mysterious light of a full moon.

But in today’s world, we can manipulate light to our greatest desire. We can dim lights, we can choose between cool lighting and warm lighting, soft or hard lighting, or create optical illusions with it. Or more importantly, influence a dining experience with light.

Here are a few quick tips on how to create an intimate and cozy atmosphere:

  1. Stick to natural light or warmer hues
  2. Keep the lights low, but not so low your guests can’t see each other (or their food)
  3. Candles, candles, candles – the ultimate coziest source of lighting
  4. Layer. Yes, layer lights like you layer colors, textures, and materials. Layering allows you to emphasize different features of a room or create “pools” of light to high light different aspects of your table setting.
  5. Keep in mind the four different types of lighting – ambient, accent, task, and decorative. Here is a handy article (by the lighting experts at Pooky) that helps breakdown the artful science of using light to create the right ambiance.
  6. Let your lighting fixtures remain practical and functional, but don’t be afraid to throw in a few tiny lighting details for decorative effect

Here are a few of my favorite settings using natural light and warm hues.


May these tips help you find your perfect glow! 

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