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Best of Both Worlds: Edinburgh’s Best Coffee Shops with Food to Match

Best of Both Worlds: Edinburgh’s Best Coffee Shops with Food to Match

Two things we all should idolize about European coffee culture:

For starters, all the espresso drinks are double shots. Because what is life on just one shot? In this case, more really is MORE.

Secondly, these baristas and roasters understand that no cup of coffee did anything in its life to deserve being served lonesome on its own. Nearly any coffee shop you set foot into is bound to serve sweet and savory plates of equal deliciousness and quality as their coffee.

Next time you’re in Edinburgh, you’ll want to give at least two of these independents a go to start your day! That’s right, give TWO spots a go. If you haven’t caught on yet, one just isn’t enough.

Oh yeah, and it’s a given that these are all extremely cozy spots!


Filament Coffee

38 Clerk St, Edinburgh EH8 9HX, UK

Hands down, Edinburgh’s top specialty coffee shop.

Photo by Filament Coffee | Edinburgh, Scotland


Like a barista of few words, the coffee is divided between black, white, and filter. Black is espresso, white is anything with milk in it, and the filter is a V60 pour over. No matter how you take your coffee, the beans are of the highest quality, roasted by the hip fellas at Filament themselves.


Filament serves up your typical biscuits and cakes, but what you really want to try are the bagels supplied by local producers. You can choose from  the classics like Yester Dairies cream cheese, marmite, or smashed avocado. Or go you can go rouge and try a specialty bagel like spiced and smoke aubergine, vine tomato, gem lettuce and vegan mayo.

Labneh bagel: Labneh, vine tomato and za’atar| Filament Coffee | Edinburgh, Scotland


Cairngorm Coffee

41A Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EP, UK

Great coffee starts with “a big heart and eager ambitions.”

Cairngorm Coffee at Federick Street | Edinburgh, Scotland


At their Westend shop, high end coffee machines and specialty coffee grinders are all part of the process that keeps Cairngorm coffee at the top of its game. A specialty espresso machine controlled by bluetooth app helps refine the art of pressure profiling, while a double grinder set maintains the temperature of the beans regardless of the coffee queue.


These epic cheese toasties are arguably the best in town. Mouth-watering toasties made with fresh sour dough bread, tangy chili jam and loaded with a blend of three cheeses that melts into oozy liquid gold. They also serve other tasty treats including a sizzling toasted bacon sandwich, a fresh club focaccia, and an array of sweets.

Grilled Chicken Toastie | (Photo by) Cairngorm Coffee at Frederick Street | Edinburgh, Scotland



Fortitude Coffee

3C York Pl, Edinburgh EH1 3EB, UK

A little coffee shops that understands the value of in house quality and strong partnerships.

(Photo by) Fortitude Coffee | Edinburgh, Scotland


The single origin espresso is supplied by none other than sister company, Fortitude Coffee Roasters. Carefully roasted for optimal sweetness it works well for any black or white. The coffee is seasonal and responsibly sourced of course. Each month Fortitude keeps the coffee community strong an alive by selecting an interesting guest espresso from another roaster to complement the house choice. The filter coffee from the house roastery is notable and hand-brewed to release a gentle sweetness.


The food is delivered fresh from an all-start team of Edinburgh’s finest bakeries and kitchens including The Manna House Bakery, Creamed, Glutteny, Au Gourmand, the Bearded Baker, and Union of Genius.

(Photo by) Fortitude Coffee | Edinburgh, Scotland




155 West Port, Edinburgh EH3 9DP, UK

A match made in heaven. “A baker extraordinaire” and “an over-caffeinated chatterbox” duo bring to you their specialties. Though the shop has undergone a some changes, a few sweets will go while a few new savories arrive. – Lovecrumbs

(Photo by) Lovecrumbs | Edinburgh, Scotland


Lovecrumbs servers up specialty coffee from mainly Steampunk, and also likes to feature other local guest roasters from time to time.


Without a doubt the most unique display of cakes in town. A ‘wardrobe’ is full of tarts, cakes, brownies and other sweet treats. Scones rest ever so lightly in silver buckets and a collection of tiered cake takes often take their pride and place on the counter.

(Photo by) Love Crumbs | Edinburgh, Scotland



Brew Lab

6-8 S College St, Edinburgh EH8 9AA, UK

As the name suggests, Brew Lab serves up more than just coffee.

Brew Lab | Edinburgh, Scotland


At its very core, Brew Lab is a coffee shop serving a range of “meticulously brewed, single-origin filter, espresso and cold brew coffees.” They also host an evening cafe vibe as they’ve curated a range of craft beers, natural wine, and cocktails. – Brew Lab


If it’s one thing Brew Lab believes in, it’s quality. Their food menu gets the same amount of care and attention as their coffee, and what’s not made in house is left up to the expert artisan bakeries and delis scattered throughout Edinburgh including: soups, salads and baguettes fromUnion of Genius an cakes from the talented Grace & Co. When the sun goes down, they offer a plethora of locally sourced cheese and cured meats to go with your brewed evening beverages.

(Photo by) Brew Lab | Edinburgh, Scotland

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