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Reflections : A Year in the Life of Cozy

Reflections : A Year in the Life of Cozy

It’s not about the destination, they say. It’s about the journey. To be aimless is not to wander or be lost, it is to be present in your journey.

Indeed these words, shamelessly paraphrased from a Saturday morning yoga class, left me inspired to reflect on the journey Cozy has taken since it’s inception and where I wish to lead it this coming year.

Quite frankly, when I started writing for Cozy, I wanted to capture this (at the time) indescribable feeling I had when it comes to food and eating. How excited and giddy I get when I set eyes upon a familiar meal (or any fabulous meal for that matter) and how I bite my way through a dish one approving hum at a time. This is what I now know to be the association of emotion, nostalgia, and sentiment with food. Untrained and inexperienced, I finally put pen to paper and decided to curiously explore the realm of comfort food. A risky choice that one. A theme so broad, the blog could lose it’s way and easily lack a consistent purpose. And in hind sight, perhaps it did…

In the first six months of writing, I curiously probed topics from the origins of a dish to creating the perfect comfy ambiance. I attempted to capture emotions in personal diaries, while an unexpected amount of travel led me to explore history, culture, and tradition. Yes, I was all over the place exploring comfort food through various lenses. So, just as we set resolutions and intentions for our lives, I am doing the same for Cozy.

If you want to go to the very beginning of how the idea for Cozy originated, it all started with one of those genius shower thoughts, “What makes comfort food so comforting?”

I’ve come back to this question time and time again, and despite all that writing I did last year, I still can’t answer the darn question.

I’m an intuitive soul and the connection between food, memory, and comfort just IS. I see it as a natural connection that is engrained in us human beings as we are raised, grow up, and grow old. But surely there is an explanation, and this is what I will attempt to articulate through Cozy this year. My ultimate goal? Discover the obscure mixture of all the elements, both rational and intuitive, which make food a power soul soother.

In addition to existing topics, I’ll be taking another lens up to the idea of comfort food and uncovering the psychology and science between food and the memories, sentiment, and recollections we have so dearly associated it with. We will continue to hear stories both sweet and sour, we will still travel far and near, but most of all we will still…

“… indulge with our hearts.” 


– Cozy

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