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Birthday Gnocchi

Birthday Gnocchi



What better way to start the Comfort Food Diaries back up, than with my first Italian-American friend, Tori. While a native Californian, Tori still knows her Italian roots through and through – spanning across the Italian boot from Lago Maggiore in the north, to Ferrandina in the south.

Asking a gastronome their favorite food is like asking asking Michelangelo to pick his favorite sculpture. Naturally, when I asked Tori about her comfort food she had many depending on different feelings of comfort. With great contemplation, and perhaps a few glasses of wine, she narrowed it down…

…to a single, heart warming, down home, Italian classic. It is a special dish she makes every year, just once a year, for a very special person, for a very special occasion – Gnocchi al Ragù for her father’s birthday. 

Fluffy, delicate, perfectly imperfect gnocchi made with young but seasoned hands, lay enveloped in a thick ragù simmered in family tradition, love, and generosity.

Buon appetito!

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