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La Panza Piena’s Morsels of Nostalgia

La Panza Piena’s Morsels of Nostalgia

Introducing Cozy’s first every foodie collaboration with Milanese native, Carlotta, a.k.a. La Panza Piena! Since meeting Carlotta, I’ve constantly been inspired by her many talents and passion for food – from her meticulous Instagram game, to her ability to recommend a solid weekend trip itinerary filled with amazing eats, to her knack for whipping up a beautiful dish for a spontaneous after class aperitivo.

And so, I find myself on a quiet Saturday morning, in Carlotta’s vibrant kitchen filled with old-school pots and pans and a fridge covered in magnets from her adventures around the world. Saffron risotto prepared a day ahead, patiently sits on the dining room table, waiting for loving hands to roll it into nostalgic morsels of arancini.

Each bite-size bit, bringing back memories of a beloved friend and joyful dinner parties hosted by her parents with friends and family alike. 

Each step of the recipe was executed as gracefully and intentionally as  only could be expected from La Panza Piena, from her unusual use of red onion, to her gentle patience while constantly stirring broth into the risotto, down to making the arancini smaller than the traditional size. Nothing rushed, no corners cut, and every technique and ingredient had a specific purpose. But there was still room to play with regional ingredients as she added her experimental touch by hiding a bite of our town’s famous sausage, Salciccia di Bra, in the center of a few arancini.

The result? A peaceful Saturday afternoon lunch with friends enjoying priceless bites of happiness.

Grazie mille La Panza Piena for sharing your favorite comfort food and memories with Cozy!

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