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Comfort Food of the Modern Day Renaissance Man

Comfort Food of the Modern Day Renaissance Man

As humble as he is talented. As stylish as he is sweet. As cultured as he is handsome. Meet, Giovanni Di Girolamo, our beloved modern-day Renaissance man.

Hailing from Abruzzo in southern Italy, Giovanni (a.k.a. Abruzzo’s number one fan, a.k.a. BBQ DA BLUSHU) is a man of many unexpected talents. If that firey red beard doesn’t scream original hipster enough, Giovanni is a master of all things American BBQ, a brilliant architect and designer, and named “Best Street Style” in Pitti Uomo 2015. But wait there’s more. He throws one heck of an aperitivo and always gets everyone dancing with the groovy jams from his days as a DJ and get this…B-Boy. 

But if there’s anything that Giovanni loves more than BBQ, designing, or breakdancing – it’s Pescara, his home along the Adriatic Sea in Abruzzo.

It’s no surprise that when Giovanni chose his comfort food, he went straight for a dish that reminded him of not just the sea, but the sensations of the salty air at home. Perhaps a sensation only someone who grew up on the seaside could love invariably.   

In a meticulously clean and organized kitchen, pots, pans, pasta, and plates sat on the counter ready for action. A bowl of fresh vongole (clams) gathered in an aquamarine bowl, ready to be transformed into pure comfort – or to Giovanni, better known as Linguine alle Vongole.

Undeniably simple steps, yet incredibly complex to get just right. Giovanni’s preparation of Linguine alle Vongole made with Abruzzese olive oil and pasta, paired perfectly with 1980’s Italo Disco and a bottle of Castello Semivicoli Pecorino.

Grazie mille BBQ DA BLUSHU for sharing your blazing love of your home in Abruzzo with Cozy!



A little leftover golden sauce for the ultimate scarpetta…


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