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Today, no measurements allowed…

Today, no measurements allowed…

I’ve never been much of the measuring-type of cook – probably explains my irrational fear of dough and baking. Call it laziness, lack of discipline, or maybe extremely accurate-eyeballing superpower, but I rarely invite measuring cups and spoons to the party.

However, no one told me that one day I would be working for a travel company that suddenly pivots and begins to offer virtual cooking classes and that I would be the one to convert all the measurements from the super genius metric system, into this imperial system conveniently designed to make life mathematically challenging in the kitchen.

For the past week, I‘ve had a blast preparing new recipes for launch for new classes @thetabletravels! (Wink wink) Only now, a part of my brain storage is dedicated to super-obscure information like, 100 grams of almond flour is equal to one cup plus one tablespoon.

So, today was all about going back to basics and using those measuring tools called eyeballs and instincts, as I made Lomo Saltado, a simple Peruvian beef stir fry. I was surprised how at home I felt cooking this meal since I’ve never made Peruvian food before. The results? Pleasantly surprised!

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