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Out Cold…In coming, Hot Soup!

Out Cold…In coming, Hot Soup!

Hi Cozy followers, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up to since returning from my New Year’s travels…the answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I fell to one of the worst cases of the flu I have ever had. It all started last week Sunday when I came down with the chills and held a high fever. Oh but the best part is, it’s now one week since this nasty virus decided to pick me as host, and I still haven’t gotten hold of my vocal chords back. That’s right, I have been voiceless and speechless for the past four days, and about to lose my mind from not speaking it.

But, on the bright side, this gave me an excuse to muster up whatever energy I could and try to make some form of magical soup to kick this flu’s ass. These are times when I really, truly miss my mother’s cooking, but there’s no room to feel sorry for myself here. Either I cook or wither away in a pile of sweaty sheets eating stale soda crackers…

I believe there exists a “chicken soup” in each an every culture. The Japanese often eat okayu, the Filipinos eat arroz caldo, Russian borscht,  the list goes on. My go to boiling liquid when I have a cold is what my family calls Soup Bone.

A simple stock made of beef bones and marrow, simmered down and filled with a classic mirepoix and more beef stew meat. Simple, doable by a sick person, and tastes just like how mama used to make it. I always fill a large pot of for soup bone, because the best part is knowing I’ll have leftovers to freeze for another time a cold tries to take me down.

But this is more of an interactive piece if anything, a chance for me to get to hear from all of you!

What’s your go to meal of choice when you’ve got the bug? 

The more soups we know, the more we have to fight off these colds!

Stay healthy friends!

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